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The Night Forever Unfinished

Video Installation on twelve 5" x 7" screens

|Canada | 12 min. | video | 2007 | Montreal Premiere
The Night Forever Unfinished is a work that appropriates the 1961 film La Notte by Michelangelo Antonioni. Inserting herself into Antonioni's wide angle Cinemascopic shots full of alienation, k.g. explores the empty space and gestures of this historical film.

“The mimic gives the private principle of work a public stage. He constitutes a common stage with what ought to determine the confinement of each to his place.”
Le Partage du Sensible- Jacques Rancière

Videomaker - k.g. Guttman
edited by k.g. Guttman and Aleesa Cohene
Performed by -k.g. Guttman
Language- English
Production Location: Concordia University, Montreal (MFA)
Final Editing Location- Charles Street Video

Installation screenings
2007 Galerie LaCentrale, Montreal
2008 Galerie Khiasma, Paris, curated by Olivier Marboeuf