Work > Switcharoo Part I 2007-2011

Website/ Drawings/ Animation/ Call for Public Switcharoos
2007 exhibited at Galerie La Centrale, Montreal

Part II Commissioned Switcharoos 2012
(refer to Switcharoo Part II section of website)

Switcharoo is a proposal to switch the locations of two monumental buildings in Ottawa; the National Gallery of Canada with the Embassy of the United States of America
Website includes commissioned and suggested Switcharoos from the public.
Gallery install includes collection of pin-up stationary describing proposed Switcharoos
Project is inspired by the Situationists, who in turn were influenced by Surrealism; a turning around or subversion of the given.

Switcharoo est un projet qui propose d’intervertir les lieux de l’ambassade des États-Unis d’Amérique à Ottawa et du Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (à Ottawa).
Switcharoo est aussi une invitation lancée pour vos propositions d’interversion.