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Accumulative Interview with my mentor and friend,
Nancy Ring (1962-2010)
art historian, professor and writer

Launched Articule, Montréal (
Exhibited and launchd at Gallery TPW
Curated by: Alison Cooley
Available at Art Metropole, Toronto (

Project generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

Over seven lunches the same questions were repeated every day

Concept and Editing: k.g. Guttman
Design Laura Pappa, Amsterdam
Printed by Rebellius
B & W, 120 pages, seven unbound booklets, 210 x 297mm

Over the seven days the interview became a conversation, and the result was not a portrait of Ring, but of a friendship, of a shared territory. The interview took place six months before Ring’s death.
The questions addressed the topics of art and politics, teaching, friendship, love, memory, and Ring’s own practice of creative writing.
The book is partially a transcript of the interview in 2009. Redacted significantly, the spacing of the page holds the time and space of the interview, “keeping the connected rhythm” of the event. It becomes a score for the reader, with focus on the pacing and gaps between the written and the unwritten.

C Magazine Issue 137 2018
review by Jaclyn Bruneau