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Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours

Installation: two chairs, black box, series of 12 printed drawings by Granado’s, 11x 5 inch

I opened up the process of looking at Francisco’s images to thinking about how I can or cannot hold them in my memory. And so I stare intently at one for long breaths, somehow I think the images will “let me in” but they don’t. I feel I am left circling, roaming the surface, and yet there is an intricate play between background and foreground in these images. I close my eyes and try to hold the image in my mind’s eye.

Visitors were asked to pick up a drawing, and invited to look at the drawing for 1 min. Visitors were then asked to close their eyes and attempt to remember the drawing.
This sequence of open and closed eyes was repeated two more times. The image was put back in the box, and the performer then danced the drawing.

Image visited:
towards a minor abstraction (Translation) 2016-2018
Francisco-Fernando Granados

Produced shortly after his father passed away, Granados recounts that he was at a loss for words and took to drawing daily on a touch screen phone app, which allowed for basic shapes and colors. He produced 467 abstract drawings of colored lines and shapes, one per day, until he felt the series was over.