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Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours

Installation: 3 x 5 silver screen, a 1950’s vintage camera light, table, reading shelf compiled by Ahlam Hassan, former student of Dr. Boye’s, oversized gloves, reprinted archival image (redacted by Boye)

Image visited:
Seika Boye
an image I re(turn) to (1955/2019)
Sourced from archival photograph, Youth Street Dance, Toronto
(1955). Photographer unknown. 3x 5 in. University Settlement House Fond, City of Toronto Archives

Youth Street Dance (1955) depicts an interracial street dance for young people. I received from Boye a partial, cropped version that depicts two young black girls holding hands in an energetic partner dance, with figures socializing in the background.
Boye agreed to send me a cropped version of the original image in order to develop my installation, however even this cropped version is under copyright protection at the city archives and may not be exhibited to the public.
Boye and I agreed on a redacted version for public viewing. My access to Boye’s research from the very beginning was partial, and consequently focused on white institutional forces framing visibilities/invisibilities of marginalized histories.

The redacted image is accessed with oversized red and beige gloves.

The visitor is asked to learn a simple jive partner sequence.